how to generate EPP code from whmcs Client area

EPP code or transfer code is a domain password that is required to move your domain from one registrar to another. It ensures that only the owner can transfer the domain and therefore unauthorized person can not transfer a domain. The process of getting Epp code from the client area is straight forward. here are the four easy steps to follow. However, before generating Epp code, make sure the domain admin contact email is accessible and the registrar lock is disabled.

1. Login to your client area and go to My domains section as show below

2. On the domain you want to generate EPP code for, click manage domain. The following interface will load

Transfer Step Two

3. Go to domain management tools as shown below

Transfer Step Three

4. Click get Epp code. The Epp code will be sent to the admin contact associated with the domain. (email address). A confirmation message will be show like in the case below if successful.

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